So many benefits
So Many features.

One monthly cost.

With Forge World Plus+ you will receive a wide range of perks on premium laser-ready files, blanks, and supplies. Features include an ongoing 30% discount on premium laser files from Spin Customs and ByMissa, as well as a free, monthly members-only file that is EXCLUSIVE to the members for 6 months before being released to the public. You’ll also enjoy 10% off and early access to blanks and laser supplies from Will’s Laser Supply as well as 10% off all products from Laser Wood Supplies and Cerulean Tides Acrylic! Members will benefit from exclusive premium content; live sessions and tutorials; participation in a members-only group with access to Darryl, Missa, and Will; exclusive giveaways and contests; and more. See below for details on all of our great features

A Great Team

Forge World Plus+ was created to offer maximum value for subscribers at a low monthly fee. The Plus+ Program is a collaborative project brought to you by three knowledgeable laser professionals: Darryl Aspin of Spin Customs, Missa Daigger of ByMissa, and Will Louie of Will’s Laser Supply. They share a long-held philosophy of giving back to the laser communities, offering guidance, support, and feedback to hobbyists, educators, and business owners. Their combined knowledge, insights, and talents will ensure Plus+ members not only receive amazing value in discounted and free files and supplies but also benefit through exclusive access to the caring mentorship of three respected names in the field.


What You Get

Free Monthly File

Members will receive an exclusive monthly file release by either Spin Customs or ByMissa. These files will be available to members only for 6 months and not released to the general public until that exclusivity ends.

30% OFF Premium Files

Members will receive exclusive codes to get 30% off all files from Spin Customs and ByMissa. This code will cover all current and new file releases during membership.

10% OFF Laser Blanks, Wood & Acrylic

You will be given early access to and 10% off all laser ready supplies from Will’s Laser Supply. You will also get 10% of all wood from Laser Wood Supply from Alex Fuentes. Plus+ members will also get 10% off all purchases from Cerulean Tides for Acrylic.

Members-Only Group

Plus+ members will have access to a members-only Facebook group, where they can post questions and share as part of the Plus+ community. They will have direct access to Darryl, Will, and Missa and be able to receive a more personalized experience than in the large groups.

Exclusive Content and Tutorials

Members will have access to members-only videos, articles, tutorials, and more.

Live Sessions

You will be able to join occasional special live sessions with Darryl, Missa, or Will covering fun and essential topics such as finishing, marketing, technical aspects, or just open Q&A sessions.

Member Giveaways

Plus+ members will automatically have the chance to win special giveaways on premium files, laser supplies, and more!

Special Featured Discounts

Occasionally, Forge World Plus+ will source special discounts that will be offered exclusively to Plus+ members.

My Plus+ Portal

Once you log in you will be able to access all of the great features of the Plus+ Program right through the site. All content, discount codes, file downloads, and portal/account management will be available through your online portal at any time. You are also invited to participate in the exclusive Plus+ members-only Facebook Group for additional support.